19th Century Paintings and Sculptures

19th Century Paintings and Sculptures - Departments

Paintings and sculptures are a safe and profitable investment and are one of the sectors of excellence of our auction house to which we have dedicated a department. 19th Century paintings and sculptures are one of the most popular works of art chosen as starting pieces for art collections or to enhance homes or offices.

The Department that deals with 19th Century paintings and sculptures valuates and makes a no-fee estimate of the works of art to be included in the periodical auctions. Careful attention is paid to our clients’ needs from the start of the process, from the first valuation, to the sale of the works of art. An initial estimate of the pieces is made on a photographic basis and is free of charge. The Department of Paintings and Sculptures covers a wide time scale, from the beginning of the 19th century until the mid-twentieth century and while it regards mainly Italian production, it also includes European pieces.

Today, the Old Masters and Antiques market attracts diverse customer groups, a well-educated public who is discerning and knowledgeable. Many decide to invest their capital in a work of antique art at auction, a trend which is only now becoming evident in Italy. Furthermore, the assurance and guarantees offered by the Gliubich auctions make the purchase of paintings and sculpture an easy, no-risk way in which to yield a return on capital. The pieces we propose in our sales are selected after a careful valuative analysis. Our experts apply a diverse criteria when valuating 19th century paintings, which include the quality of the workmanship, the medium, the author, the esthetics of the piece, the subject, its artistic and cultural importance and origin.

We are available to provide information on the purchase methods and auction sales of paintings and sculptures and to offer support in all phases of negotiation.