Antique Furniture and Collectibles

Antique Furniture and Collectibles - Departments

The antique furniture and collectibles department perfectly represents the Gliubich Auction House and has revealed itself capable of offering the utmost satisfaction in terms of adjudications. Our team of experts carefully select antique pieces, furniture, works of art and silver, offering our clients the opportunity to purchase items that can rarely be found on the market.

We are able to cater for all our discerning clients’ needs and appreciate that they are on the lookout for antique pieces, décor and works of art in which to invest their capital. The Department offers a free non-binding evaluation service for items to be included in the catalogues of our periodical auctions in order to, guarantee the best possible promotion of the goods being sold. Thanks to the important results obtained in overseas sales, Gliubich Casa d’Aste aims to become a point of reference for collectors of antiques or collectible decorative items and also for art enthusiasts, interior decorators and designers. The auctions will offer the opportunity to purchase rare and original items, intended for interesting and sought-after collections.

The auctions of the antique furniture and collectibles department cover a broad period of time and thanks to its diverse proposals is able to satisfy various tastes and styles, offering international collectors and antiques’ enthusiasts unique pieces of high value with which to enrichen their collections or better enhance private and professional settings.

The experts of the antique furniture and collectibles department are available all year round by appointment either at our offices or at home, to offer you valuations and estimates of your art items, antiques and furnishings.