Twentieth Century Design and Decorative items

Twentieth Century Design and Decorative items - Departments

Twentieth-century design and decorative items most definitely have a unique charm and attract a wide audience with regard to style and taste. Made in Italy items are especially appealing and are often synonymous with quality and timeless style.

Design enthusiasts and collectors follow auctions in which decorative and designer items signed by important designers, renowned architects and outstanding Italian companies that changed the history of design. The experts who work in the Design Department of Gliubich Casa d’Aste select various objects of design such as lamps and light fixtures, decorative objects including vases, sculptures, objects and decorations in Murano glass, furniture, seats and much more. An initial valuation of decorative items and objects of design to be included in our periodical auctions is on a photographic basis and is always free of charge.

Past lots have included important twentieth-century artists such as Giò Ponti, Giacomo Balla, Willy Rizzo and Gianfranco Frattini, to name but a few. We have had the opportunity to deal with many artistic movements that belong to the sphere of design, such as the Avant-Garde, Bauhaus, Constructivism, Post-Modern, Futurism, Deconstructivism and others.

The catalogues are rich in carefully selected, rare objects of design, perfect to enrich your collection or enhance your home in a totally original and pleasantly surprising way.