Old Master Paintings

Old Master Paintings - Departments

Gliubich Casa d’Aste has a department dedicated to Old Master paintings and periodically offers significant sales of Old Master paintings. These catalogues are rich in carefully selected works by well-known Masters or more generic Schools from the Medieval to the Neoclassical.

A variety of works of art are sold at the Old Master auctions such as, paintings on wood and canvas, gold-ground and oil paintings. The works on offer differ between artistic genres like still-lifes, landscapes, portraits, views, capriccios and deal with a variety of subjects from the religious to the profane and the mythological to the biblical.

Old Master painting enthusiasts and collectors will find the Department to be an important reference point that aims to enrich their art collections safely and rapidly. Today, Old Master paintings are one of the most profitable forms of art and buying at auction offers a real guarantee of authenticity and quality. We are able to satisfy those who wish to buy Old Master paintings at auction by guaranteeing a professional service and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Gliubich Casa d’Aste offers a free, non-binding, valuation service for the works of art that are proposed and is ideal for those who wish to sell the goods in their possession, entire collections of Old Master paintings or inheritances. Furthermore, thanks to the specific department, Gliubich Casa d’Aste organizes auctions of entire collections, known as House Sales, perfect for those who intend to sell goods of all kinds, antiques, works of art by Old Masters and modern pieces, easily and free of charge. Enhancing the goods in your possession is quick and easy with Gliubich.