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Entire collections - Departments

The Entire Collections Department carefully handles the sales of entire estates and collections of art and other items, antiques and works of art from private residences, patrimonies and inheritances. Thanks to our specialized department we are able to guarantee a professional, competent and efficient service that oversees the valuations, processing, cataloguing and sale of entire estates.

Our experts are available to assist those who wish to sell art and antiques collections or items that belong to one or more art collections, quickly, easily and in one solution. Moreover, we can also assist those who are looking to auction all or a part of their home furnishings thanks to our vast audience reach which allows us to address potential buyers looking to purchase items of great character.

The appeal of on-site exhibitions is most important for house sale and entire art collections auctions. Follow our updates to visit our next entire collections auction exhibition, an experience not to be missed for those who love art and beauty.