Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary Art - Departments

The department that organizes the auctions of Modern and Contemporary Art offers unbeatable and exceptional opportunities to purchase works of art in the modern and contemporary sector.

Thanks to the catalogues rich in important contemporary artists and the high quality of the works on auction, Gliubich Casa d’Aste is a touchstone for art connoisseurs or those looking to invest in a work of art either by starting a personal collection of modern art or by enhancing homes with items of high artistic and esthetic value.

The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art offers an eclectic selection to suit all tastes and requirements. Therefore, we select works of art from various artistic movements that range from Pre-Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism to Symbolism, Conceptual Art to Arte Povera, Dadaism, Surrealism and Futurism, Cubism, Optical Art and International Pop Art, Abstract Art and also upcoming artists, offering them excellent visibility on the modern and contemporary art catalogues. Our catalogues are rich in works signed by well-known contemporary artists of diverse nationalities and offer a variety of items from paintings to drawings, sculptures, photographs and graphic design, prints and multiples.

The selection of modern works is ideal for those looking for an easy and safe investment even for less substantial sums of money. However, the catalogues also offer important works of modern and contemporary art, our catalogues top lots, authentic masterpieces and works of art that best convey the creativity and expressive power of the most important artists of the 20th century. The experts of the Department offer a free, non-binding, photographic-based valuation, combining the sellers’ need to sell the items they own, with the necessity to guarantee those who win a contemporary work of art at auction at Gliubich Casa d’Aste.

The experts of the Modern and Contemporary Art Department are responsible for following the clients in all steps of the process, from the valuation to the certificate of authenticity. Ask for a free, non-binding valuation of your modern and contemporary works of art.